Small cabins

  • Avalon 20 x 28 cabin


    Always there for you! Make this cabin the island of pleasure and rejuvenation. The huge deck under the roof is perfect for a hot tub, 2 small bedrooms, restroom, closed and the living room. Just add you character, bring your friends or family and have...

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  • Dakota 15' x 13' small cabin

    Dakota small cabin

    This lovely tongue and groove cabin is small enough to hide it in your back yard, yet big enough to use it as a home office shed, guest house, or summer cabin. Just picture this cabin somewhere in the Smokey Mountains, overlooking a dense green forest...

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  • Yukon 20 x 28 cabin


    The True Definition of Luxury! This tiny cabin is an exciting project, with an enormous reward at the end. A great living space, divided into 4 separate rooms, perfect for a tiny house, or a summer cabin in the woods. The kit comes with all windows,...

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  • Haven Loft 20x16 cabin

    Haven Loft cabin visualization1

    Who could ask for anything more! It has everything, porch, loft, two bedrooms, room for a bath and for a kitchen. Perfect for a getaway cabin or a tiny house. Have questions? Visit our FAQ page or contact us via message bubble at the bottom of...

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