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$2000 - $3000

  •  Optima 8 storage shed kit visualization 1
    Price : $2,495.00

    Will exceed your expectations! This is our smaller, more affordable, solid wood shed. Great for storing lawn equipment and tools.  While this shed is basic, the workmanship makes for a strong and long lasting structure...

  • Optima 10 storage shed
    Price : $2,995.00

    It will outlive you! Nice look, right size and fair price makes this shed the optimal solution for your outdoor building needs. If you are not planning to store tractors or lawnmowers single door design looks very...

  • Gardener storage shed kit
    Price : $3,995.00 $2,995.00

    Will make smile every time you look at it! Decorate your backyard and make your neighbors envious. Decent size and double doors makes this shed practical and nice to look at. Like every SolidBuild sheds it comes with best...

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